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Bike to Work Week

May 31- June 6th is known as Bike to Work Week, and Bike to School Week as well.

Metro Vancouver is quickly gaining an international reputation as being bike friendly. With bike coalitions and events that run year round.  The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition leads the way in getting the word out. The website is a plethora of information, activism and inspiration. Hosting dozens of outreach events, safe biking courses and workshops cyclist have a presence on our streets today more then ever.

Municipalities around Vancouver have been developing the Central Valley Greenway, a 25- Kilometre pathway that links to multiple destinations, communities and workplaces.  It is accessible by foot, bike, Rollerblades or wheelchair.

Map od the Central Valley Greenway

Map of the Central Valley Greenway

Commuters are finding innovative  ways to get to work, and relying more on self propulsion, non- polluting healthy alternatives are a step in the right direction.  With a rapidly growing population the streets are still packed with cars,  but bike lanes have become more common.  For millions of people around the world their bicycle is their main form of transportation, leading many nations to have healthier lives in general.

Why not leave the car at home and get on your bike, for this week, for the summer or for good. For your own health and that of the planet, this one change you can make that truly makes a difference.

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