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International Day of Peace

Today, September 21st 2009 is the United Nations International day of Peace.

However you choose to celebrate is up to you. One thing you can do is make a commitment to living a more peaceful life.

John Lennon said  Whatever you do, do it for PEACE

peace_symbol_3Love and Light

From the website here are a few things you can do for peace today;

Examples of Peace Day events:

A hand up not a handout


We have just made our fourth loan through  KIVA!

When we started our retail business we decided we would donate  a portion of our profits  to charity, but this is even better.

Kiva is an organization that gives micro loans to small business owners the world over.

We have given loans to four people so far.  One to a Tailor in  Sierra Leone, one for construction in Cambodia,  our third was to a woman in  Nigeria who owns a food market.   This week we made our fourth loan to an apricot seller in Tajikistan. ( I had to look up where that is exactly in the atlas, the former U.S.S.R)

Kiva is in the business of helping people help themselves. I read on  Kiva’s site that the impact made this week is equivalent to one  loan made every 14 seconds!  people like me and you, loaned over 4.4 million dollars in April alone!

There are  many ways to help people help themselves.  We support a local man who sells “The Megaphone” This is a bi-weekly paper  sold by homeless or underemployed and street involved people in our city.   In a city the size of Vancouver there are lots of problems but there are people working together for a solution.

Another organization we support wholeheartedly is The Canadian Flowers for Food Society Homeless people are given donated flowers to sell, the profits are for their own use.

These are just three ways people can help others to make a change in their situation and still maintaining their dignity.  We can all find ways to give back to our local or global communities. You will never regret lending your time or  money when in your heart you know you have done it with honest intentions of helping others. The rewards are instant and immeasurable.



Spring time blessings!


Sunny Days

Second beach Today was so beautiful and sunny, the fog finally lifted from our rainy city. Although it was cold we decided to head down to the Seawall and Second beach.

First we enjoyed veggie dogs from our favourite hot dog vendor at   English Bay, Mike.  (his veggie dogs are only $2.75, a full $1.25 – $1.75 less then  the vendors downtown).

We then walked along the seawall to Second beach and played at the two playgrounds. The kids were playing on the flying saucers (as we describe these swings)  a crow was busy looking through the top of our stroller.  As we know from many times past, the crows will steal anything they think is interesting, once including  my set of house keys! We are always sure not to leave any food there, last time they stole the bag of sunflower seeds we brought to feed the Chick-a- Dee’s! Today the crow decided to take my lip balm! I am sure it was quite a sight; me and the two kids running from tree to tree around the park as the crow led us about with the balm firmly in his beak. He even tried to break it open on the basket ball court by dropping it, then quickly picked it back up again and flew to another nearby tree! He finally decided he had enough fun with us and dropped it down to Justin waiting under the tree.

After that we headed to the sand to practise the 18 movement Qi Gong that my lovely friend Clair Rainbow taught me more then seven years ago.  It was cold, the water was very calm and the sky was clear. We also practised some Karate. Justin is almost going to grade up to his green belt, and that will mean he can start sparring! I am still working on my Katas and have a long way to go to my next belt. I have my yellow belt and have been there for a while. I love to practise Qi gong on the beach or any park.  I can’t wait for the warmer weather,  I will go barefoot!

All together it was a very sunny  and wonderful day, a great way to start a new year!

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