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Eco Garden Art


Now that the season of gardening is in full swing, many of us are spending long days and evenings in our backyard green oasis.  Many gardens have art, fountains and bird feeders, what if the art you choose to ad to your garden  could make it even greener?  Have you heard of Water Works Garden Sculpture ?

While volunteering at Epic this May, I  discovered these wonderful pieces of art made of recycled materials such as musical instruments , copper, silver, brass and glass collectibles.  Made  in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada!



The artists name is Douglas Walker. While browsing his site and looking at many of these amazing one of a kind pieces I also checked out his blog , where I saw some more photo’s of his shop and work.

With a few weddings and many warm nights ahead I think that I may consider one of these for gifts this summer.

These pieces are truly Eco art, beautiful, functional and like nothing you have seen before! Be sure to check out his upcoming festival dates to check some out in person, you will not be disappointed!


Growing Green


Our rooftop garden is growing well!


It is amazing just how much you can grow in a small space! We have had very warm weather for the past few weeks and our garden has been loving it!

There is something satisfying  about eating food you have grown yourself.


I am looking forward to eating some of these peas, and the tomatoes we planted too!


Our garden has lots of these little guys as well. I guess they are helping to keep the aphids away!

The Farmer’s Market


The Farmer’s Market is back!

After a long cold winter, and wet spring, the farmer’s market is back in the West End.  This week, May 6th,  marks the opening of the summer farmer’s market.


It is early in the season, but many of our family’s favourite vendors were back today!

We bought Free Range Organic eggs and apple chips from Klippers Organic Acres, huge green beans and eight types of heirloom and cherry tomatoes from Celyddon Farms, colossal green olives stuffed with cashews from the Dundarave Olive Company, thee types of local honey from Vlad’s Apiary, some dangerously delicious vegan hazelnut chocolate spread from Bad Girl Chocolates, Wild caught Salmon Indian Candy, lox, and frozen salmon from Blue Comet Seafoods , and for the firsts time, tuna from Estevan Tuna.


Besides many of the usual vegetables and fruits, eggs, fish and dairy products this years markets promise to bring a variety of unusual and delightful new delicacies and crafts.


Today I saw Ostrich products from ostrich jerky and pepperoni, ostrich eggs, ostrich oil, oil soap, feather dusters and leather, from Forstbauer Natural Food Farm.  Also surprising were  predatory plants like Venus fly traps from Twin Oaks Herb Farm.  Cut flowers, Performance Posture Group was there with posture screening, raw cat and dog food, granola, salsa, candy and jewelry.  Even our local MLA, Spencer Herbert was there!


Held at Mole hill, at  Comox and Nelson Street, beside Nelson park it is an ideal shopping experience for the whole family, even the dog as there is an off leash park right beside it.


I look forward to eating all the yummy food we bought this week and each Saturday morning to discover what the farmers have brought to us city folks!


Bon Appetit!


Imagine Peace

It was 40 years ago this week that John Lennon and Yoko Ono made history by staying in bed.  In a hotel room in Montreal.  It was 1969.  I was not yet born but the images and songs of that week are ingrained in our popular culture and in my mind forever.


All We Are Saying  Is Give Peace A Chance.

There is no peace today, but John Lennon’s music and the love he saw and reflected into the world still does exist.

In tribute to him I write this post.


John said ” Whatever you do, do it for Peace.”


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