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Summer Fruits


We are blessed here on the west coast with an abundance of local fruit. This summer in our rooftop garden we have had huge success with tomatoes, peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, and radishes. Our cucumber plants are looking good, as well as the peppers and corn!



We are extremely lucky to also have fruit trees on  our front lawn.


Today I gathered a few pounds of red plums and will be preserving them in the next few days. I am going to use the local honey I got last month from another home learning family, so this batch will be 100% local and  organic!


Don’t you just love summer!


A truly GREEN way to move


I have just finished moving. It can be stressful to get organized, sort and pack all the treasures one accumulates over time. Luckily there are green options to help you move.

Our family of four moved from a two bedroom 1000 square foot apartment downtown, to a three bedroom duplex further out of the city. We lived in our last place for six years and in that time we managed to accumulate more things than we would ever use or need.

Our first step was to sort and purge. We had very little time, so we choose to give away all the items we didn’t want.  We used the “free” section on Craigslist and were able to have all our extras piked up within a few days. We had lots of toys, clothes, a toddler bed, stroller, broken dresser and carpet cleaner, magazines and books. All of it was gladly taken by a few wonderful people who promised to pass on what they could not use.

Our next step was finding boxes.  There are many options when it comes to moving boxes. You can buy new boxes with all kinds of wrapping paper and bubble wrap. We decided our budget would not allow for this. Instead we searched for, and found, dozens from the local book stores, coffee shops and grocery stores. We used newspapers to wrap, and all we ended up buying was packing tape!


If searching for boxes is not an option and you want an Eco-friendly one, try FROGBOX, a local company I first discovered while volunteering at an Eco Fair. Frogbox offers a convenient, affordable and GREEN option. They will deliver to your home reusable containers, no tape needed! They even supply recycled blank paper for wrapping.

frogboxFROGBOX also donates 1% of their profits to frog habitat restoration.  There a many links and information on their site describing the plight of frogs. They are disappearing at a rate that rivals the dinosaurs! If you are planning a move, consider this alternative. You can make your move easier and greener then ever imagined!

Saving the world is only a click away

I know we are all busy with our daily lives but we want to help to make a difference for the planet and it’s inhabitants. Now you can do something simple, free and right now.

Here is one thing I do, and you can too. Every day, I log on to my email at On this site and email host you can click to donate to many charities such as helping the environment, endangered species, to end violence, to find a cure for breast cancer and more.

There is no catch, just sign up. You can use their email service and that also donates money to charity.

It is easy and only  takes seconds a day.  We can all do something from home and with no further obligations! Care2 has agreements with sponsors to donate money, save habitat of endangered species, write letters of support to end domestic violence,and  provide food for hungry children.  You can track your progress as well.

So go ahead, it’s quick, free and couldn’t be easier! Even the kids love to help “save the world” and it is as easy as a few clicks!

Something is a BUZZ in Vancouver


This spring, when I volunteered at the new Vancouver Convention Centre, I was thrilled to learn about just how “green” it is.

While the building itself is impressive, the view from the centre is worth the trip to see it alone. The real beauty in it is the six acre rooftop garden and Apiary (Bee Yard). The garden boasts some 400 000 native plants and grasses, and houses hives for 60 000 bees!


The green roof can be seen here by anyone flying over the city.  This is quite a green sight!


Some local hotels have also begun to keep bees in their rooftop gardens. The Fairmont Hotel, known as Hotel Vancouver, has added bees to their rooftop garden, and honey to their menu.  It’s fresh, local, sustainable and most of all, delicious!

bee condo

Bee Condo

Vancouver has taken the initiative to bring over 50 new Bee Condos to parks. They are manned by volunteers.  Bees face a number of threats, and none are greater than the toxic pesticides used on crops and ornamental flowers in the city.

A traditional food in all sense of the word, honey has been used to heal, as a beauty aid, stomach remedy, allergen cure,  and hundreds of other ways.

However you look at it, the benefits of adding these animals to our urban oasis are sure to be felt and tasted for years to come!


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