Need Food To Live

Need FOod To Live

I was looking through my photos for some other picture, and I came across this old photo I took last year.  Need food to live. With the asterisk on either side. This sign is poignant.

I posted a link on this website for The World Food Programme after the disaster in Haiti. The world food programme, in conjunction with The United Nations, is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger world wide, so states the website.

People die every hour of every day from hunger. The problem however is not “their” problem on another continent, it is right here in every small town and big city across the world.

Food security and local, organic and sustainable food choices are hot topics today. Our Landscape of food in the developed nation is skewed by the over abundance of food choices. Books, magazines, and  ultra sheik “Iron Chefs” revolutionised the food scene years ago.  You can’t open a paper or turn on the T.V. today without being assaulted with the colourful images and tantalising descriptions of food. Fast food, slow food, food culture, food revolution, obesity, anorexia, the list goes on.

People are building communities around food, co-operatives, farmers markets, community gardens, food banks and community kitchens abound. The scarcity of food has not touched everyone personally.  We are however only one  disaster or two away from being faced with real hunger. We rely too much on the system to take care of us. We need to take care of ourselves and others.

Helping to feed hungry people is one way to show them they matter, that someone cares about them, our brothers and sisters.

30 years ago a group of pop stars got together to sing and raise awareness about people dying of hunger in Africa.

Today the problems in Africa still remain. Now people realise it is also in our own school grounds, church basements and out reach centres. What we choose to do to help people is a personal decision, with a consequence that reaches far beyond ourselves.

Whether it is volunteering at the local food bank, cooking at a soup kitchen, donating canned goods or money, growing your own food and sharing with your neighbours, there are endless ways to help build a more secure food system in our own backyards.

People need food to live.

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