War over Water

Will the next world war be fought over water?The concept seems preposterous to me. I think living  Canada, a nation with the most fresh water in the world it is difficult to relate to water shortages.tap water drink itMarch 11th was water bottle free day . Most of the people  know about the dangers of plastic water bottles and the exuberantly high cost  of bottled water, is still lost on some people. In the lower mainland of British Columbia, where I live, the water is abundant and is considered by many to be the finest drinking water in the world!

When I talk about water with my family back east, in Ontario specifically, they do not hear me.  They are all still reeling from a news story from years ago.

Mention the word “Walkerton” to any Ontario resident and images of water contamination and death come to mind. No less then seven people died and hundreds were sickened by water that was contaminated with E coli.

Since that spring in the year 2000, measures have been taken to ensure that a tragedy of this magnitude never happens again. It was determined that human error and carelessness lead to the contamination.

This terrible event also lead to another great travesty. People think that bottled water is safer than tap water! The truth is that many of the bottled water companies bottle tap water! Sure some of the water has been filtered, but many people now filter their tap water at home, like us, we use Wa2. Our water is safe enough to drink from the tap as it is.
We use a filter because the tap water in our city has chlorine and this filter helps reduce the taste.

From their website; The WA-2! System greatly reduces the environmental strain that results from the traditional bottled water delivery process.     The WA-2! system:

  • Successfully decreases our dependence on polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, the main ingredient in your five gallon water jugs, is not biodegradable.
  • Dramatically reduces the number of bottle caps produced. Bottle caps are not reusable, nor are they biodegradable.
  • Significantly reduces air pollutants, roadway congestion, and fuel consumption created by bottled water deliveries.

WA-2! supports the environment by using fuel efficient vehicles and encouraging paperless billing.

drink it

Many municipalities around B.C are taking the issue to the masses by banning bottled water! No more bottles of water at city hall meetings, no more bottled water in schools and community centres, forcing people to question the safety of bottled water and bringing back the water fountain.

Water is a basic necessity for life. When I was growing up the term “acid rain” was thrown around like a Frisbee, today we know that we need to protect our national resource and education is the starting point.

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