National Volunteer Week 2010

Today, April 19th, marks the first day of a week long celebration called National Volunteer Week! Many websites has sprung up to encourage volunteering around Canada and the world.  A simple look on Craigslist  reveals dozens of opportunities to get involved. It is estimated that in Canada alone there are close to 12.5 million volunteers.

This week is dedicated to celebrating volunteer-ism and to encourage more people to get involved in volunteering.

There is a great one minute video on the site for National Volunteer Week in Canada, it states volunteers are making change, igniting movements, perusing the cause or just tying to make things better. They are artists, coaches, fire-fighters, community services staff, health care workers, disaster relief workers, activists, cooks, child care workers, and  teachers. They give 2.1 billion hour of work per year, the equivalent of 1.2 million full time jobs! Without them many services would cease to exist.

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Volunteers fight poverty and  work for a stronger environment, they are at the heart of the democratic process, they are the ones to call when a disaster strikes, they offer arts to people who may not be able to experience them otherwise, they drive social justice and they are your neighbours.

Maybe you think volunteering is for college kids to improve their resume, or the elderly to keep busy, that is true, but it is also for anyone who is interested in people, in any cause, who would like to be involved in something greater then themselves.

This week is a time to say thank you to the millions of people who lead and to the millions of people, like me and you who care to make a difference.

A community is built by one person at a time, with a dream, with hopes, people who want more, for themselves and others. If you have some time visit one of the hundreds of websites online today and find a way to volunteer. You will never be sorry or more amazed at how hard you can work for something that you believe in.

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The secret is that money will never buy what you get by giving.

Some of the hundreds of places to find volunteer activists are;

Craigstlist,, CADIP, SARVAC, Go Volunteer, Environment Canada, KatimavicCUSO-VSO, Charity Village

You can find  ways to volunteer in anything you are interested in; a local theatre production, a soup kitchen, a community garden, a seniors centre, animal shelter, thrift shop, the list is endless.

To all the volunteers out there; you make the world a better place! You should be a part of that.

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