world aids day – December 1st


Today marks the annual campaign to raise awareness about AIDS, and HIV the virus that causes AIDS.

AIDS kills millions of people around the world.  People are still contracting AIDS everyday, thanks to new treatments they are now living longer.  Mothers are able to take drugs in order to prevent passing the virus to their unborn children.

Poverty and lack of information still contribute to the rise of infected people.  In poor nations, in Africa particularly AIDS  has left a generation of children orphaned.

This is a medical issue. This is a political issue. This is an environmental issue. This is an issue of human rights around the world. Increased accesses to treatment, and prevention do not go far enough to stifle the spread of this deadly disease.

Today is a day to remember people who have died from AIDS.  December 1st is the day  to recognise how far we have come in dealing with the stigmas attached to this disease, and to join with the international community to work together to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

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