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I have to write about something that happened recently. A few weeks ago my nephew’s bike was stolen off his front lawn after being left out overnight. Not the most uncommon thing to have happen, and if it had happened here I would not be surprised in the slightest as I live in a big city and there are hundreds of people walking past my home daily. My sister, on the other hand, lives in the suburbs thousands of kilometers from here. Her town is not unlike many Canadian bedroom communities, experiencing rapid growth and transformation from a farm town into an urban stereotype of strip malls, housing developments and box store culture.

My sister was shocked and angered by the theft of her son’s bike, a birthday present and symbol of his achievement of age and status in the world of second grade. So outraged she wrote to the local paper, with the blame pointed squarely at the increase in population and the loss of the safe, small town, of years past.  She lamented the changes to her beloved city and being of modest means,  her son’s bike could not easily be replaced,  she pleaded to the thief to return her son’s bike.

The paper printed her letter and three days later a couple appeared on her doorstep, having read her story, they were moved to help. They handed her $200 and asked her to buy a new bike for her son! They insisted and said they wanted to restore her faith in people. The next day a new bike,( bought by someone else) appeared on her doorstep. She received many more offers and calls of help came from complete strangers.  She did graciously accept a new bike for her son.  She in turn donated the money given to her to the healthy snack program at the local elementary school.

Once again she wrote to her small town paper, with a decidedly different letter to the editor. She was humbled by the generosity and kindness she received.  She wrote a letter of thanks to the people of her town. She realized that when people are given a chance to, they can surprise you for the better sometimes, and if you ask you may indeed receive more then you expect!

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