Our forests, our legacy

These are pictures from the 2006 wind storms that fell hundreds of trees in Stanley Park.





I wondered what became of all that wood.



While the province sold most of it to the highest bidder, one local company was able to salvage some.

A few weeks ago I volunteered at EPIC, the  largest Environmental show and convention on the west coast of Canada.

While the vendors were impressive, and every conceivable product showcased, one company stood out to me.

The Woodland Flooring Company Ltd

I met the General Manager Steve Roscoe at the show. He had a booth with beautiful wood products made from B.C. lumber and milled in B.C.


I was interested to see some of the Blue Mountain Pine Floors

They come from wood salvaged from trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.  The Pine Beetle has devastated forests throughout B.C.  The unseasonably warm weather has allowed them to thrive over the past decade and caused the death of numerous forests. The beetles leave a blue stain on the outer sapwood layers of the trees.


The trees are standing dead in many forests, but Woodland Flooring has been able to create beautiful flooring and other wood products using these resources.The company’s  products are sustainable and produced from only Salvaged,  FSC “Eco” Certified or Small Family Owned Woodlots.They go one step further and use OSMO Hard wax oil. It’s a natural plant based oil and wax finish, specially imported from OSMO in Europe.  It is 99% VOC Free and offers exceptional durability.If you are in the market for flooring, or other wood products, be sure to check out Woodland Flooring, a B.C. company with exceptional environmental standards and quality you can see.

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