Saving the world is only a click away

I know we are all busy with our daily lives but we want to help to make a difference for the planet and it’s inhabitants. Now you can do something simple, free and right now.

Here is one thing I do, and you can too. Every day, I log on to my email at On this site and email host you can click to donate to many charities such as helping the environment, endangered species, to end violence, to find a cure for breast cancer and more.

There is no catch, just sign up. You can use their email service and that also donates money to charity.

It is easy and only  takes seconds a day.  We can all do something from home and with no further obligations! Care2 has agreements with sponsors to donate money, save habitat of endangered species, write letters of support to end domestic violence,and  provide food for hungry children.  You can track your progress as well.

So go ahead, it’s quick, free and couldn’t be easier! Even the kids love to help “save the world” and it is as easy as a few clicks!

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