Local fruit in abundance!


This years unusually warm summer has left us with tans  and a bumper crop of yellow plums!  We have a neighbour on one side of the house with half a dozen fruit trees, and many branches are on our side so we have been gifted with many, many plums!

The trick has been to try and get them daily so not to attract too many wasps!

I have already made plum jam with a batch of red plums from the front garden, so now we move on to plum sauce!

08-16-09-plums-002I was looking at some history of plums and read that plums are the second most cultivated fruit in the world, second only to apples. Chinese are said to believe plums symbolized good fortune.  It has meant good fortune for us so far as well. I will post my recipe once I have canned all these sweet plums this week!

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