September 27th is World Rivers Day

What began 29 years ago as BC Rivers day, has grown to a world wide event! For the past five years it has been celebrated annually on the last Sunday in September as World Rivers Day. Plans are under way in communities around British Columbia and in dozens of other countries.  People will celebrate the diversity of life in and by the river. Everything from art shows, shoreline clean up, and fish enhancement projects will take place around the globe.

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The 2009 Rivers Day featured river is the Fraser River.  British Columbia’s history is deeply connected to it. From travel to fishing, industry and life grew around the shores of “The Mighty Fraser”.

It’s namesake Simon Fraser was the first European settler to fully navigate it.  It is the tenth longest river in Canada.   British Columbians have relied on the river for livelihood, culture, transportation, historically and today  it is a driving force in the economy.

The world’s rivers and streams face threats from over-fishing, industrial pollution, and damming for hydro electricity.  Events will be held around the world  to celebrate rivers and waterways. People are encouraged to become stewards through educational workshops,  stream restoration initiatives, boat tours, quiet picnics or live music events. 2007_0417Image0003

Living in a country with possibly the most fresh water on the planet has coloured my experience with rivers. In my life I have seen destruction to rivers that may take many lifetimes to correct. We must all realise that our lives and health are connected to the water.

The United Nations is half way into a decade long initiative called Water For Life. From their website;  Among the themes that are central for the ‘Water for Life’ Decade are: scarcity, access to sanitation and health, water and gender, capacity-building, financing, valuation, Integrated Water Resources Management, trans-boundary water issues, environment and biodiversity, disaster prevention, food and agriculture, pollution and energy.

Water is as essential as air. What the future will look like is being determined now and our actions will speak volumes.

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Teach your children well…

Can you hear and do you care and

Can’t you see we must be free to

Teach your children what you believe in.

Make a world we can live in

-Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young-

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