Bike to Work Week- Part 2 November 2 – 8th 2009!

Most people usually think of biking to work in the spring and summer.  There is now Bike to Work month as well as Bike to work week. The annual event is held each spring in Metro Vancouver, this year it was May 11 – 17th.  Not a lot of people know there is a second Bike to work week this week!

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) has dubbed November 2- 8th Bike to Work week.

From their website

Why bike to work? It just makes sense:

  • Beat the gridlock and get out of traffic. For many trips, biking is as fast as travelling by car or transit.
  • Get in shape. Your commute can be your exercise routine, and it’s great for your mental health, too.
  • Save money on car insurance and fuel.
  • Cut down on your personal greenhouse gas emissions. Our database will calculate the CO2 that you’d emit on the same trip by car.
  • Engage your community. Meet your neighbour

Car Free

The city of Vancouver has also made a great step forward in dedicating one lane of the Burrard bridge to bicycle traffic. It started as a pilot project more then six months ago and has been a great success. When municipal government listen to people and create an environment that is bike friendly everyone wins.

More bikes on the road means, less congestions in traffic, less pollution, healthier cities and people.  It is idea’s like these that will make all the difference in a world that is overcrowded with cars and smog.These initiatives are steps in the right direction.

Some excellent resources are available on the VACC website.

As well, check out the Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) website too. This organization offers innovative programs to highlight alternatives to car driving, like cycling, walking, car pooling and using public transportation.

Each step you take to lessen your reliance on cars and turn to alternative methods to get around will have a profound effect on you and the world you live in.

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