Eco-Tidings of joy

At our house this is our favourite time of year.  Baking cookies, decorating the tree, making gifts and sending out cards for the holidays are all fun activities. One other thing my kids look forward to is checking the mailbox each morning for cards from our family on the other side of the country.  This is the one time when we are most looking forward to getting the mail!

Since moving this summer we noticed an increase in the amount of mail and newspapers that get delivered to our house. It is not that we didn’t get all the flyers and junk mail at our last address, I had forgotten to put the red dot on our new mail box.

The Red Dot Campaign was an initiative started in Canada to curb advertisers wasteful use of paper in advertising. The idea is simple, put a red dot on your mail box and the mail carrier will not leave flyers and advertisements in your mailbox. You can also simply put a note on your mailbox that says no junk mail, no ad-mail or no flyers and they will get the message.

tree in Stanley Park

Some companies even go further and sell Postal Junk Mail Reduction Kits and U.S. residents can sign the petition to stop junk mail!  at the Forest Ethics site.

There are many ways we can all stop wasteful practices, stopping junk mail, using things like e-post in Canada to get your bills on-line. You can also pay your bills on-line reducing even more need for paper products and trips to the post office.

Most companies now have their weekly flyers available at your fingertips with a simple search you can find what you need.

By stopping junk mail from entering your house you will be sending a message and helping to curb climate change, deforestation and reduce consumption.

You can even send e-cards for the holidays and cut out the paper habit completely. Our family often re-uses the cards received from previous years to make new ones for family and friends. If you are not so crafty there are many Eco-friendly options in greeting cards.  Look for cards made of 100% post consumer paper, printed with soy or vegetable inks and printed in Canada. This year I bought some from Pistachio, a Canadian company that cares about all these things and more.

Whatever your choice, think of the environment when you go to the mail box and the planet will thank you.

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