Weekly kids update part1: RPG’s


Hello fellow bloggers!This is my first post on the site:urbngreen.com and my name is Justin I live in Vancouver b.c. and I am ten years old! My hobbies include reading,playing Lego and going on AE(artix entertainment) games dragonfable and adventurequest these are games that include you as your own personalized character.  Each is upgradable by paying a small fee of 20(for one char.) or 30 dollars(for all six and recommended)and you will get access to special quests,items and more stuff.  With a max of 6 characters that can have 20 or more items and finally you can customize your characters color of armor, hairstyle and skin color.  You can be a warrior (uses swords,one,two and three attacks.grows quickly in skill.),rogue(uses daggers regularaley attacks twice and four times, hard to train but the rewards are high by ending battles faster), and mage(very well rounded character but skills come mucho fast and uses all elements.) That is just dragofable!(super top secret note:i will be giving away a dragon amulet character in a contest one day soon).the blog will be updated weekly and next week will be adventurequest details,dragoncoins and glitches hopefully you like AE!

I also will talk about things that you can do to save energy around your house, because our site is of course URBNgreen, and there are some things we do to help the environmnet.

bye for now, Justin

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