Carbon Diet

Like many people the middle of winter has got me thinking about a diet.

Not the calorie counting kind

The CARBON reducing kind!!

A Carbon Diet would make a huge difference to our family’s pocketbook and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Electric Bill 22

Choosing to make these  simple changes can impact more then just us.

Running the Television for  just 2 hours = 1 lb of  CO2 in the atmosphere.

Turn down the Thermostat  by 2 degrees in the winter and summer =  save 600 lbs CO2/year.

Change 6 light bulbs from incandescent to florescent saves money and cuts out 1200 lbs CO2/year.

Unplug appliances = 18 Million tonnes of CO2 emissions / year.

display clocks and memory chips account for 5% of energy used in the United States each year.

Group Electronic Equipment onto power bars  unplug/switch off = Reducing CO2 emissions by 1.6 tonnes / year.

Run only a FULL dishwasher, skip the pre-rinse cycle,run it once a day = Save 600 lbs CO2/year.

Shorten your shower by 2 minutes = 1 tonne CO2 / year.

Close the refrigerator as soon as you get your items out.

Turn off taps when brushing your teeth.

These small changes can reduce our families carbon emissions by 4 tonnes a year!

An impact equal to not driving a car for up to five months!

SUN0204 Hanging Bug

You can find out your carbon footprint here

I found these surprising statistics while researching Sara Snow and her green living website.

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