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URBNgreen supports many fund-raising initiatives by donating environmentally friendly, fair trade products and promoting them here.

Products from Eco Bags

These are wonderful re-usable, fairly traded, recycled and organic products.





Produce bags

These great little bags are perfect for almost everything at the farmers marker or buying in bulk. They are made of organic cotton, and are fair trade certified. They are great for sprouting in, packing a sack lunch in, or to organise other small items. They are machine washable and durable. They can be composted at then end of their life.







Eco-Friendly Jewel Organic String Bags

The long handle string bag by ECOBAGS®  are made of  organic cotton.

Perfect to carry all you need to the beach, for gym clothes, library books or for everyday shopping.







Eco Bags Canvass Lunch bag

Made of recycled cotton this canvass lunch bag is perfect to bring your littler less lunch in!

You can decorate them, they are machine washable, durable and have a large capacity.

Fair Trade Fair Wage





We support


The Canadian Red Cross

EarthSave Canada

The New Westminster Community Gardening Society

The Royal City Farmers Market

The New Westminster Home Learners’


At this time our online store is closed.

For  sponsorship enquiries please contact us at urbngreen@care2.com






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