English Bay

We Live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are surrounded by unsurpassed natural wonder.  This land is special and sacred, it has a rich history, and an exciting and diverse cosmopolitan.  The forest and oceans, rivers and lakes connect us all. We have a lot to learn about this land, and an awesome responsibility to protect it.

Living so close to nature we are reminded how precious it is, and how our actions have consequences that can be seen and felt.

URBNgreen is one families experiences. We write about environmental issues, things we do and see, activism we read and hear about. We write reviews of items we use. We support fairly traded and organic products and sustainable initiatives.

We support Peace Activism, Environmental Stewardship, Profit Sharing, Volunteer-ism, Bearing Witness to political action, as well as Universal Human and Animal Rights Issues.

We believe each of us has a responsibility to the environment.

It is up to us.  Each choice we make has an impact, and it can be easy to make good choices.

We are one family, we believe we make a difference, and everyone else does too.

Email us at urbngreen@care2.com