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Do the Math- the movie

Bill McKibben  is the founder of .

In this short film he makes it very clear what has to happen; people need to “do the math” and make changes!

Save Our Earth

 Earth Day 2012 –  Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

a matter of survival

Eco blogs and websites around the world are reporting on the climate talks wrapping up today in Cancun, Mexico.

World leaders have gathered for the Sixteenth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16) and the Sixth Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol (CMP6).

big tree

Canada is falling short of the measures set out in Kyoto and with the United States refusal to accept the treaty, the progress is slow going.  Even with dialogue between the two nations continuing Canada is one of the worst offending countries when it comes to CO2 emissions.

Many countries would like  the Kyoto Protocol to be extended and built upon. The present agreement expires in 2012, with little over one year until then, the movement needs a solid action plan in place.

Island nations are on the font lines of the Global Warming disaster. They are not the only ones who face catastrophic consequences if climate change is not stopped, they have the unfortunate role of  “the canary in the coal mine.”

A Canadian activist group called Evolve Love have live coverage of the meeting and their reporting indicates a strong activist presence at the talks.  Some  groups represented there are the Youth Climate Action Network, The Indigenous Environmental Network, and the people from

Will the world leaders have the courage to make this a priority? Switching to renewable energy, creating green jobs, and implementing stringent environmental protection laws is the only way to achieve the goals of these treaties and accords.

The Evolve Love promotional material asks how we can see the climate crisis as a love story?

The answer is, it’s up to each of us.

Are we willing to make the changes we need ?  The wealthiest nations have the power in our hands.

Make a change.


350 earth

new delhi

I saw the above picture today on facebook and had to add it to this post! Amazing!

3000 students and teachers at the Ryan International School in New Delhi ask world leaders to not ignore the “elephant in the room” — climate change.

The team at have inspired  people around the world to create art that is visible from space.

This picture is only the latest in a series of large art instillation’s that have been developed around the world to draw attention to the issues of climate change.

This photo was the most recent example of the 350 EARTH event in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It’s the image of a person standing on the roof of their house as waves threaten to submerge it. This is the view from 300 miles above the earth.

As another  UN Climate talk is set to  begin next week in Cancun, the  message to global leaders is  that the time to act on climate change is now. We do not have time to waste!

You can see more pictures here

10 10 10 global work party

Today, 10 10 10 has helped people around the world to organise a Global Work Party.

Today thousands of events, 7347 at last count,  in a total of 188 countries will take place simultaneously on this auspicious date. Millions of people will be taking real action to help stop climate change.

We are lucky to live in times of so many “cool” dates to celebrate.  We all actually got to party like it was 1999 in 1999!  Sometimes twice, if you thought it was when we rung in the year 2000.  We entered a new century, and celebrated the millennium with great fan fair. We saw the great dates of 01 01 01,  02 02 02, and so on, now as we arrive at 10 10 10, besides sounding cool, this date has become something more.

People want to help make change, today you can be a part of that too. Search for an event near you.

You can host an event or you can ride your bike and not drive today. You can pick up garbage. You can eat a vegetarian meal. You can join a community garden. You can hang your clothes on a line to dry. You can buy local food. You can plant a tree.


You can do a million things to help the planet. You don’t have to wait for any special day to do it.

work parties in the new millenium

The words “work party” may conjure up images of office staff at a Christmas party, drinking too much, and smooching over the photo copier. The type of work party that is gaining popularity these days has little to do with office workers socialising over sugar cookies, and more to do with people coming together to create something, share information and of course have fun!

Some parties are held  around Vancouver, B.C. by a local group The Sustainable Living Arts School. They host “learning parties” or “work parties” to build gardens, preserve food, learn about herbs and foraging for food in nature, or building a fence. The parties are bringing back the arts our grandparent’s generation learned along with the alphabet and addition, that have  been almost lost in our  modern day lifestyle of convenience and instant gratification.


I took part in a local work party this month. It was not about saving the planet this time, but about brewing beer! I am Canadian and beer is part of our culture here in the great white north.  I heard about the party on a local email list and wanted to learn more about the organisation SLAS and beer making. It was a perfect opportunity to experience learning in a community environment and that we were brewing beer was just a bonus!

Hosting numerous events to share knowledge  in an intimate atmosphere strengthens a community. The SLAS  brings people together to learn and work.  The party I attended was hosted by a local family. I knew I was at the right house when I walked up to the house and noticed the front lawn had been transformed into a vegetable garden! The friendly people at the party and the relaxed topic of brewing  beer was a wonderful introduction into a way of learning and skill building that one could not help but feel has been almost lost.  Not so long ago there was a time when people would  come together regularly to raise a barn, harvest a crop, cook for a sick neighbour or a new mother. We can get back to that way of living one step at a time.

Today an even  larger party is being planned. is planning a global work party on October 10, 2010 – or 10 10 10 – and you are invited!  Working together we can create the changes we need  for a sustainable future. The science of is simple, there is too much CO2 in the environment.


The number 350 is the parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide that the planet can safely manage. The number today is 387 ppm and still rising.  The website displays colourful photographs taken all over the world in an attempt to show that people do care about the planet and want to help make changes. Environmentalists, educators, and prominent global leaders like David Suzuki, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and  Vandana Shiva are some of the supporters of this movement.

By hosting climate leadership workshops people are educating themselves and drawing attention to the fact that the planet needs us to help restore what has been lost.

Advances world wide since the industrial revolution have stripped the earth of it’s innocence and depleted natural resources, while pollution and global population has exploded at an unprecedented rate.

The sad fact is that we may see half the species on earth become extinct this century, if that is not a sobering statement you have not been paying attention.

All hope is not lost, and people like me and you can make a difference. The local food movement is strong and growing. Schools and community centres are taking the lead, with many adding solar panels, creating recycling programs and incorporating environmental education into curriculum. Children represent our future, and what legacy they inherit is up to us.

Championing movements to improve the environment, young people have historically been the ones to bring changes to the for front. Maybe because they are physically closer to the earth, they are still optimistic about the future. Children are naturally interested in learning about how the world works, this is  why they are not only our best hope, they are our inspiration to do better.

You can organise a work party and be a part of the largest world wide movement for the environment.  This is one party you should  mark on your calendar, and invite all your friends!

URBNgreen is committed to education and environmental stewardship. Our objective is share information about what people are doing locally and around the world to create a sustainable future.
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