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Do the Math- the movie

Bill McKibben  is the founder of .

In this short film he makes it very clear what has to happen; people need to “do the math” and make changes!

International Day of Climate Action

October 24 will mark the most wide spread day of environmental action in world history. was set up to make the public aware that this is the number 350 ppm is the maximum amount of co2 that our planet can handle. Right now the amount is at an unmanageable 390ppm

In December 2009 the UN, world leaders,  will meet in Copenhagen for an  international climate change summit. There will be a new climate treaty forged this winter. In the tradition of the Kyoto protocol, first world countries will gather with rising nations like China and India to discuss what can be done to reverse climate change.

Canada is one of the biggest polluters and have been lagging behind many other developed nations, like the U.S. when it come to creating change and instigating legislation to combat co2 emissions and creating a greener economy.

This year, U.S. president Barack Obama has invested $75 billion to create clean energy jobs and working towards economic sustainability.

The worlds citizens need to wake up and realize what Al Gore talked about in his prize winning documentary An inconvenient truth, that the time  to take action is now!

Today 80% of the human energy system is run on burning fossil fuel. Things like small hydro, carbon credits and carbon capture, cap and trade, and carbon offsets are all buzz words that distract us from the real problem.  A drastic change must happen now in order for our planet to survive.

Solar, wind or tidal power, alternative energy is out there and has to be on everyones agenda for change to happen.  Conservation of resources, legislation and action on the part of every individual is the only way we can reverse the problem. Global warming, melting ice caps, droughts, and other weather catastrophes are on the rise.

When every person who can chooses to take a stand the world will be healed. It is not too late. We can all make a difference through our actions. Read about what is going on, vote for politicians who have this as a priority, change your light bulbs, walk or ride your bike.  Everything we do has an impact so make sure it is a positive one.

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