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Earth Day 2014



We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

– Native American Proverb

Happy Earth Day


What started out as an ambitious project by an environmentalist nearly forty years ago is still celebrated today! April 22, 2009 is  the 39th annual Earth Day!

What can you do for the Earth  today?  The local elementary and high school are both running e-waste drives today.  We already packed up our wagon and took a trip over to the school to dispose of our old computer monitor this morning!

We are planning to go to the beach and enjoy some of the beautiful spring weather outside today. We are also celebrating our one year anniversary of launching and our business, URBN green Products. We have been thrilled with our success and the encouragement we have received so far.  Thank you for joining us in celebration and we wish everyone a wonderful day enjoying nature, and things that bring you joy.

Take a minute to reflect on what your connection is to the earth. We all share this beautiful planet and our choices can help or hinder the planet. While this is a day for environmentalists and activists to reflect and rejoice in our shared experiences, it is also a day to commit to change.  How can you lessen your impact on the environment? Here are a few things to try today.

Eat a vegetarian meal. Vegetarianism is a sustainable choice for your own health and the health of the planet. The resources used in the production of meat is detrimental to the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Leave the car at home. With spring in full swing we can look forward to many days of beautiful bike rides and walks. Commit to using alternative transportation more this year.

Take a walk and connect with nature.  Nothing can rejuvenate your senses like a walk in nature. Plan a picnic, go play in the park with your kids, really listen to the birds and smell the scents of the spring.

Slow down and enjoy the day. The spring will soon turn to summer and the time passes quickly. Reflect and renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle  and a greener planet. Remember, your choices do make a difference.

Earth Month

03-20-09-081 Recently I found out that some people are calling April “Earth Month”  The first Earth Day was held on April 22 1970. Now 39 years later Earth Day is still  celebrated  April 22.  After a very successful earth hour last month people are building on the momentum and continuing to keep the environment in the news.

What a great idea! A whole month  of activities to support the earth and raise awareness about what we can all do to protect the environment and make sustainable choices.

Planting trees come to mind as one way people celebrate earth day.  Trees are essential to the health of people and the planet.  If you can,  there is no better choice then to plant a tree, but what if you don’t have land to plant a tree on? What can everyone do to take action and help the earth?

Leave the car at home

bike Bike, walk, or transit are all better choices for the environment, your health and your pocket book. Now that the winter snow has melted it’s time to pump up your tires and wipe the dust off your bike and hit the trails and streets!


You can recycle most food scraps with a back yard or balcony composter, natural recycling, we have a worm composter and it couldn’t be easier, just keep a bowl near you when you are preparing dinner and all the vegetable waste you have can go  into the composter. You can also add coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, egg shells and even small amounts of newspaper. Some municipalities even have curb side composting!

Bring your own bag


Many retailer will give you a rebate if you bring your own bag. This cuts down on the amount of plastic in our landfills. It is easy to accumulate a number of good bags, canvas, cloth, or nylon are all good choices. Many companies have sprung up to offer a variety of different choices and I will be reviewing many of them in the next few weeks to let you know which ones we like and use.

Buy recycled products

recycle3 Recycled products are everywhere. One major thing everyone can do is use recycled paper products. Be sure to check the post consumer content on the package to be sure it is really recycled an not just picked up off the floor of a plant that uses virgin timber for it’s pulp.


Something as simple as a power bar is a great way to reduce your power consumption. Turn it off when you are out or at night. This also works as a surge protector.

These are just a few ways you can start to make a change for the health of the planet.  Every choice you make is cumulative, it all adds up. You can and do make a difference!

URBNgreen is committed to education and environmental stewardship. Our objective is share information about what people are doing locally and around the world to create a sustainable future.
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