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The Free Space

In our building we have a “free space”.  The free space is in our shared laundry room. It is just a table in the corner under the bulletin board where people will leave things they no longer use and can be passed on to someone else. We find it to be a fun way to recycle.

Our apartment managers are wonderful and keep it quite organized, they bring the left over donations to a community drop off once a month or so after everyone has had a chance to see if they could use the items first.  I have seen so many items here I could not name them all. Things like clothing of course as it is in the laundry room, books, kitchen appliances, microwaves, VCR’s, CD’s, tapes, video’s, boom boxes, t.v.’s, towels, dishes, glasses, shoes, toys, tricycles, food, just about anything you could imagine has been found there. Including some large items that I am sure would have been ruined in the alley if it had been left out there, futons, chairs, and ottomans.

We have found many useful items there, it’s like ongoing Christmas time!

We have also left many items there for other people as well, including toys and clothes my kids have outgrown, free samples, magazines, books. It feels like a trading post in ways as we have donated things one day, only to find an item that is perfect and just what we were looking for a few days later!

Our building is like many others, we are surrounded by buildings, we are in the most densely populated area of town, and I have often wondered if other people have free spaces in there buildings. A number of people have said they see a lot of good and useful things in there garbage and recycling rooms but I feel like there could be a stigma attached to the garbage room, I am glad our free space is inside the main building and the items are recycled among our neighbors. I hope this idea is not unique to our little building and by my sharing this idea more people can create a free space in their apartments too.

I have heard of a free store and that just takes the idea one step further, but for now the free space is a wonderful treasure my kids and I check regularly, you know what they say, one persons junk is another’s treasure, and it couldn’t be more true!

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