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world food day – October 16th

World Food Day may sound like just another day in a long list of campaigns. This day, however is one that affects millions of people around the world, in every country and in every neighbourhood. You can do something about it right now!

Raising awareness around issues related to food security and hunger are not glamorous. People know that there are starving children around the world and in their own neighbourhoods as well.

Sure you can donate to the World Food Program, or many other worthy causes that will try and help the most desperate people.

You can also help right in your own neighbourhood. Community gardens, farmers markets, community kitchen and food banks all exists to help people gain access to fresh and local foods.

Cooking for an after school program or for other marginalised people is one concrete way to help feed hungry people. Volunteer at a  food bank, deliver meals to people who can’t get out, shop for an elderly neighbour, grow vegetables and share then with a friend. By building a community around food security we will ensure that we are all taken care of.

The 100 mile diet, locavoure movements and  organic farming practices are not  just fads. Caring about what we eat and where it comes from will  lead to more shared knowledge. People can empower themselves through education and  supporting local initiatives that focus on the issues of hunger and  food security.

Things have to change. Donate your money or time and help to be that change.

Meatless Monday

Most people have heard about the connection between not eating meat and helping the environment.

Have you heard about Meatless Monday?  This is an international movement to get people to stop eating meat one day a week. It has been embraced all over the world.  The news media has picked up this story, schools, workplaces and families have all gotten on board to try alternatives and  help make a difference.

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The news has  run many stories about the connection to factory farming of animals (pigs) and the H1N1 Swine flu outbreak we are currently experiencing. There is no doubt that the unnatural lives that food animals live and the amount of diseases, antibiotics and hormones that are linked to animals raised in factory farms is alarming.

How can eating a plant based diet help the environment? Besides the amount of suffering and misery that would instantly stop, the pollution from animal waste, food grown for animals instead of people, energy to raise, kill, transport and process animals, would have a huge impact on the health of the planet.

There are a lot of places to turn to for alternative options. The top two are;

Earthsave is an organization that provides information and support to people who want to choose a plant based diet. This organization was stared by John Robbins, the son of Baskin Robbins, owner of the self-named ice cream empire.

PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been around for 30 years. They have a lot of high profile spokes people, from Paul McCartney to Pamela Anderson. Their main focus is  in four areas, Factory farming, Fur farming, Animal testing, and animals in entertainment.

Choosing to “go vegetarian” or even VEGAN is a major shift in not only diet, but also lifestyle. It does not mean you must only eat beans, tofu or vegetables. There are thousands of recipes online and in the library and bookstores.

There are as many benefits to eating a plant based diet, even one day a week. Not only a healthier planet and  body, money savings and not participating in the pain and suffering of animals.

For whatever reason you choose to stop eating meat, it is a decision that will change your life forever, it will make a difference to the planet in numerous ways and it is a decision you will never regret.

The Farmer’s Market


The Farmer’s Market is back!

After a long cold winter, and wet spring, the farmer’s market is back in the West End.  This week, May 6th,  marks the opening of the summer farmer’s market.


It is early in the season, but many of our family’s favourite vendors were back today!

We bought Free Range Organic eggs and apple chips from Klippers Organic Acres, huge green beans and eight types of heirloom and cherry tomatoes from Celyddon Farms, colossal green olives stuffed with cashews from the Dundarave Olive Company, thee types of local honey from Vlad’s Apiary, some dangerously delicious vegan hazelnut chocolate spread from Bad Girl Chocolates, Wild caught Salmon Indian Candy, lox, and frozen salmon from Blue Comet Seafoods , and for the firsts time, tuna from Estevan Tuna.


Besides many of the usual vegetables and fruits, eggs, fish and dairy products this years markets promise to bring a variety of unusual and delightful new delicacies and crafts.


Today I saw Ostrich products from ostrich jerky and pepperoni, ostrich eggs, ostrich oil, oil soap, feather dusters and leather, from Forstbauer Natural Food Farm.  Also surprising were  predatory plants like Venus fly traps from Twin Oaks Herb Farm.  Cut flowers, Performance Posture Group was there with posture screening, raw cat and dog food, granola, salsa, candy and jewelry.  Even our local MLA, Spencer Herbert was there!


Held at Mole hill, at  Comox and Nelson Street, beside Nelson park it is an ideal shopping experience for the whole family, even the dog as there is an off leash park right beside it.


I look forward to eating all the yummy food we bought this week and each Saturday morning to discover what the farmers have brought to us city folks!


Bon Appetit!


Keeping it fresh

No matter what your age, it is likely when you were young you carried a lunch box.  It may have been  a standard metal dome lid or a stylish plastic or vinyl one.


It could have had displayed Fraggle Rock, fraggle

Star Wars, vintage-1977


Superman lunch-54superman11

or even something else.                            lunchboxshop_hendrix

Whatever you carried, it was not only practical and necessary, but a fashion statement to boot! I clearly remember my plastic dome lid, Care Bears lunch box with matching thermos! It was the highlight of the day to see what Mom had packed into my treasure box, fruit roll up? candy bars? Most likely raisins, regardless, everyone loved their lunch boxes!

As time passed we lost the lunch box in favour of a brown paper bag or a cafeteria bought lunch (you can’t beat the fries and gravy from my high-school cafeteria, YUM!).

These days most students and adults resort to a fast food lunch. If they do choose to bring a lunch, the brown bag is still quite common but what if you want to bring something other then a sandwich? How about  something hot  or messy? The lunch box has become hip again, and not just for kiddies!

You can still find hundreds of boxes with the old flair, many of them now boast a lead free lining, are ecologically produced, and many  are reproductions of the old Snoopy or Wonder Woman ones of days past.

For the environmentally conscious consumer there are many options on the market today. We use all of the following, and not just to pack a lunch but also to use instead of the disposable Styrofoam (why is this still legal?) option to take away some fast food.

Our first purchase ( and still favourite)is the To- Go Ware two tier stainless steel tiffin box. We have the original style, it has been revamped, with what looks likes clips instead of the original closing mechanism. The handle makes it easy to carry and when getting hot food at the food court the server has something to hold on to when serving and handling it.  The new design has a fold down handle which would make it easier to pack. The lid doubles as a plate and the size is sufficient to hold a decent amount of food.

togoNew design To-Go Ware Stainless Steel Container.

Another option in stainless steel is this container from Sanctus Mundo

ssThis simple design is practical and straight forward. It also has a silicon seal to make it water and air tight. We have all the sizes and have found these to be very handy for travel and storage of leftovers.


Anther option is the Zebra containers. These are light weight and  made in Thailand. The clasp is easy to open and close so kids can use them. The size is the only limitation on this one, but for a snack or left overs this container fits the bill.

For hot items we use these lovely little containers from thermos called FooGo. foogosmpinkfoogosmblueThese containers are leak proof, keep food cold or hot, light, stainless steel inside and out, with a wide mouth opening they are perfect for kids and adults alike.

The lunch box has evolved into many forms and these four are the ones we use in our house and on the go.  Whatever you choose, chances are you will have the fond memories of lunch times past.  When you choose to go with an environmentally sound option of reusable containers you can be sure your choice is the “green one”.


URBNgreen is committed to education and environmental stewardship. Our objective is share information about what people are doing locally and around the world to create a sustainable future.
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