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Botanical highway barrier

Imagine driving down the 401, or any major highway in North America, and instead of graffiti covered concrete or wooden sound barriers, you see lush four-metre-high rows of willow shrubs. This “green” technology has been used in Germany for 20 years — the livingwall —and it is now in Canada.

Entrepreneur Tony Biglieri has been developing the technology and has received great review and support in Ontario and Quebec. They say the botanical barriers are easier to maintain and absorb sound, rather than bouncing it back like conventional walls. Each kilometre of willows, planted in two rows half a metre apart with a mound of soil in between, sequesters nearly seven tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Biglieri has been quoted as saying. “You need a tank to knock this thing down,” and “It never gets dirty. You can’t write on it. As it gets older, it just gets better.”

Car Free

June is quickly becoming known around these parts as “Bike Month” and in the spirit of this event the residents of Vancouver will be hosting some big Car Free street parties on Car Free day, Sunday June 15! On that day, FOUR communities will present their own Car-Free Festivals: Kitsilano, West End, Main Street, and Commercial Drive. Each Festival is envisioned and organized by the local core organizers, and each has a unique flavour.

I will be volunteering that day, most likely in the west end, my hood, and blocking the streets from cars! This event is to be 100% volunteer driven. As well as being 100% car free ourselves my family is very excited to learn that the focus of our neighbouhood car free event will be dancing in the streets!

Come out and support this awesome event! See you there!

Kids weekly update part 2:Enviroment

Hello everyone this is my second post on URBN green. My five steps to bgreen:1:kayaking is much better than motor boating, you are active, you can fish or boat or even just relax! Number two:you think bottled water is better than tap? Well you are right and wrong, plastic can off gas chemicals into the water and tap water already may have chemicals so for the best water get a water purifier. How will you carry it? That is #3 which is stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic and sigg water bottles has really cool water bottle designs and we will soon sell klean kanteen which is purely stainless steel. What about FOOD?? that is #4 which is stainless steel luch boxes that we also will sell and they are great for carrying food to school, work or anywhere! and finally number 5 and that is how to get around? Bike, skateboard or walk! we all are starting to get lazy in our 4×4 hummer SUV to go to school 2 blocks away! get a bike! fun, fast and exercise for you!

-oh we are out of time but next week:7 steps to a greener life! see ya soon, Justin.

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