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Something is a BUZZ in Vancouver


This spring, when I volunteered at the new Vancouver Convention Centre, I was thrilled to learn about just how “green” it is.

While the building itself is impressive, the view from the centre is worth the trip to see it alone. The real beauty in it is the six acre rooftop garden and Apiary (Bee Yard). The garden boasts some 400 000 native plants and grasses, and houses hives for 60 000 bees!


The green roof can be seen here by anyone flying over the city.  This is quite a green sight!


Some local hotels have also begun to keep bees in their rooftop gardens. The Fairmont Hotel, known as Hotel Vancouver, has added bees to their rooftop garden, and honey to their menu.  It’s fresh, local, sustainable and most of all, delicious!

bee condo

Bee Condo

Vancouver has taken the initiative to bring over 50 new Bee Condos to parks. They are manned by volunteers.  Bees face a number of threats, and none are greater than the toxic pesticides used on crops and ornamental flowers in the city.

A traditional food in all sense of the word, honey has been used to heal, as a beauty aid, stomach remedy, allergen cure,  and hundreds of other ways.

However you look at it, the benefits of adding these animals to our urban oasis are sure to be felt and tasted for years to come!


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