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Water water everywhere, at least here in North America.

Care Canada walk in her shoes is a fund-raiser and awareness campaign. In the poorest communities around the world woman and girls are forced to walk an average of 6 kilometres a day just to get water and fuel for cooking. The women must then carry the water back home, eliminating time for education or other paid work. Six kilometres or 8000 steps is a lot! Wearing a pedometer, and taking part in this campaign I realise just how much that is!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, March 8th,  thousands of Canadians are joining in this challenge.

Here in Canada we have the luxury to challenge ourselves to walk a little extra, and to give our money and time to other women of the world. In solidarity we walk, so these woman may know that  a world away we acknowledge their plight.

I know I am blessed beyond measure, simple necessities like water, food, and personal safety are not a usual consideration for me, or most of the developed world’s women and girls.

Care Canada has a mission statement that includes strengthening the power of self help. Fostering dignity, providing economic opportunity and influencing policy that encourage people to empower themselves.

The United Nations has declared “Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right.” What happens now is up to each country and individual. By simple campaigns like this one we can start a dialogue that will educate and illuminate this issue. Given that we share this planet with billions of people, many of whom will never be afforded the opportunities we take for granted everyday, the time has come for us to stand together with women and lift them up to a basic level of human dignity.

Give this matter some attention, your money or time. Until every person has the same access to basic human rights we can not move forward. There are steps you can take to raise awareness and lead the way to a better world for every woman, child and man alive today.

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