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The Other NFL

When I first heard of NFL I automatically thought of football. After all being raised in a semi sports literate household I knew there were two major football leagues, the National Football League and the Canadian version the CFL. Much to my surprise i learned about another NFL that had nothing to do with football! NFL is also the acronym for Natural Family Living.

I learned there was a name for this way of living through a magazine I found at the library shortly after the birth of my first child. I picked up a magazine with a breastfeeding mother and baby pair on the cover. The magazine was called Mothering, and this was my introduction into the extensive world of natural family living.

Like many first time parents, I knew the basics when it came to having a baby, I was blessed with a sister who had already given birth naturally and choose to breastfeed her son, and these were things I also thought I would do. Although my pregnancy was uneventful I did end up with a typical hospital birth when my first child arrived. I tried to manage a natural birth but did end up using an epidural. Breastfeeding came along after a few tough weeks and I continued to nurse my son until he was more than two years old. I knew that it was the best thing for him, as many studies would back up now. I didn’t know at the time that there were communities of people, families, that took breastfeeding to a whole new level. It was not the only “natural” decision when it came to parenting choices, although it is the basis, in my opinion in helping to form a great attachment with a new baby, and to get much needed sleep with the baby in the bed it was easy.

I had not heard anything about “attachment parenting” before I found mothering magazine. I knew I would follow my instincts, and when It came time to vaccinating my son I started to learn what the standard protocol was. After much research and soul searching I choose to selectively vaccinate my son and not to circumcise him, we had already been co-sleeping since his birth as this felt right and was much easier to nurse him during the night. It turns out that all these choices were considered to be Natural Family Living.

When I became pregnant with my second child I decided I did not want to repeat the medically managed birth of my son. I found a midwife and planned a home birth. On a warm day in May my daughter was born into the hands of her daddy with her brother and our two midwives, one doula and my brother-in-law at home.

I continued to find great resources that supported a more natural life at home. Many years previously I had made the choice to become Vegan and followed a very strict diet for five years. I had always felt that animals were more than pets or dinner and decided to not use them for any purpose that I could find an alternative for. My diet has fluctuated over the years, with my subsequent pregnancy I decided to return to a somewhat tradition diet, selectively adding some animal products back into my diet, organic free range eggs, wild salmon and most recently raw honey. Our family still identifies strongly with Vegan morals and we don’t use animal by products, buy things that are tested on animals or are made of animal skins. We do use wool and own some silk play toys, like with many things in life, it is about finding a balance.

Beach days

With my second child I was even more “natural” and choose to use a combination of cloth diapers, elimination communication and recycled paper diapers. I nursed her for three years, co-slept, didn’t vax at all, and carried her as much as possible. I have learned a lot from both my children, I have also learned to rely on my instincts.

There are no rules to living naturally, there is a spectrum. Our family definitely falls on the high end of this, but no one has come along and given me the “mother earth” award yet, and that is okay with me. For our family natural living did not start or stop with the pregnancy and birth of our children. We don’t own a vehicle, we walk, bike and take public transit. I stay at home with the kids and homeschool them. We use only natural cleaning products in our home, we recycle and compost. We believe in gentle discipline and child led learning. We are far from perfect parents or people, but we do believe the choices we are making are helping to sustain a healthy and positive life for all of us.

If there is one piece of advise I would give to anyone transitioning to a more natural way of living it is this; read, listen to and explore all the ideas that interest you, try different things and find what works for you and trust yourself. It has been my experience that many of the more natural choices can save you money, time and help the environment. We are all on our own personal evolution. There is always more than one way to do something, there is no right or wrong, only choices. What works for one family may not work for others, but we can all learn from each other’s experiences. Live your life, play as much as possible and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, what could be more natural?

Greening your life…and mine

This is my first website. I am working on the content and hope to have lots of great information and tips on how to be environmentally friendly. As this world of Internet blogging and this website is new to me I will be making changes as I go. So Welcome to my site!

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