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Homeschooling Resources

Academic Distribution Services- New West, BC Homeschooling Curriculum

Shop at Smart- Abbotsford, BC Curriculum Supplier

BCHLA’s Used Curriculum Board

The Upside Down School Room- An Ontario Based Curriculum and Resources
Store specializing in finding material that works for all learning styles.

A Canadian Used Homeschooling Resources Site

Elijah Company. American Curriculum and Resource Store This site has a great catalogue with articles about starting out homeschooling.

Researching Homeschooling


Here’s a page to answer’s those Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s)

A to Z Home’s Cool

Homeschooling: The Ever-Changing, Never-Ending Story
An essay from The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child by Linda

Alison McKee Articles- Homeschooling Teenagers, Dealing with Doubts and


Homeschool, Teens and College

Canadian Specific University and College Information

Alternative Learning

John Taylor Gatto’s writing on the Web

Article: Why Teachers Choose to Homeschool

Life Learning Magazine

Canadian Alliance of Homeschoolers

Several articles on homeschooling (mostly U.S., but some Canadian)

Jon’s Homeschooling Pages- Links to Every Style Availablel

A Charlotte Mason Education or Living Books Method

A Classical Education Approach

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