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Call to action – January 14th 2013

Save Our Earth

 Earth Day 2012 –  Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

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Keystone Pipeline XL

The Huffington post ran an article recently about the massive sit in going on in front of the White house right now. The protest is over the Keystone XL Pipeline, planned to run from the Canadian tar sands to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.  The project has garnered protests on both sides of the border.

This New York Times editorial opposes the pipeline, sighting two main concerns;  “the risk of oil spills along the pipeline, which would traverse highly sensitive terrain, (including drinking water for millions of people and ground water used for over 30%  of the United States agricultural needs) and the fact that the extraction of petroleum from the tar sands creates far more greenhouse emissions than conventional production does.”

Building this pipeline would double production (extraction) of oil over the next decade to more than 1.8 million barrels a day. While creating an equally alarming rise in green house gas emissions and cutting down at least  740,000 acres of boreal forest — a natural carbon reservoir.

This Keystone Pipeline Infographic clearly documents the 12 SPILLS that have already occurred in the one year old Keystone 1 pipeline.

Can anyone stop the  corporations and two governments that are set on putting profits before people?

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